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Charlie Officially Enters the Political Debate: Tales of Engagement With the Local Newspaper

I realize this is not a political blog and it may be frowned upon to voice my opinions over the new administration and the changes that will follow. However, I feel the need to write about how these changes will affect the scientific community in America and the overall health of the planet.

As Stephen Hawking has said, the environmental policy changes, the support of the coal industry, and the changes to the EPA that Trump has declared will harm the earth.

But what I find particularly harmful is his support of misinformation. When he tweets about false statistics, his followers believe him. Despite there being absolutely no fact behind their claims, supporters continue to repeat Trump's arguments. This can be harmful to those who ride the political fence and have limited knowledge of such things as climate change. I also feel it is important for the general public to receive a proper education on such things as basic climate change.

About three weeks ago, I read in my local newspaper's section for public inquiry and letters two pieces denying climate change. I found this rather outrageous. I know that Livermore tends to lean conservative, especially compared to other cities in the Bay Area. But Livermore is also home to both the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratory. It is still shocking to see two climate change deniers published in our local paper.

I took it upon myself to write a response to both individuals. I was happy to see that my, admittedly long, piece was published in print and online. It was also nice to see that the newspaper also published another rebuttal to the climate change deniers. Despite the newspaper failing to also publish my sources and there being a bit of a mix up with my formatting, I am glad to see our local newspaper publishing facts. It will be interesting to see if there is a rebuttal to my rebuttal in the weeks to come.

Read my letter here.


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