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The Beauty of Trail Cameras

Trail cameras are awesome. Plain and simple. We used trail cameras during my internship to see which condors fed on the carcasses we placed at our feeding site. But we also used a trail camera to catch which mysterious animal began defecating around our cabin. We were okay with the mystery until this happened...

These tags take a ridiculous amount of effort to make: cut the tag, trace the number, apply three coats of paint with a day between each coat to dry. This critter had crossed a line. We had to take action. And by action, we meant discovering who the culprit was.

The first camera placement did not yield any result, but did capture this great photo of us looking like scientists:

But after a second camera placement, we finally caught the culprit red handed:

To sum up, trail cameras are really neat and can be used to see what birds are around or what critters enter your property. I highly recommend them, but unfortunately, they do come with a price tag that runs from $60 to over $150 or more.


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